Wedding Music
I love and enjoy playing at weddings, they are such happy occasions. I have a wide variety of instruments and players available. The most popular being Cello and Violin, which are delightful together.

I arrange all of my own music and have a wide array of choice from classical to contemporary, even irish music.

The most popular requests are Pachelbel's Canon in D, Handel's hornpipe from the Water Music and Handel's Finale from the Fireworks Suite. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto is a great entrance or exit piece. Also, Elizabethan Serenade by Binge is delightful.

I have accompanied singers or soloists on piano. I can arrange any hymn as long as I have the music, or play the piano or organ if it is in a church.

I do church weddings and garden weddings. I charge very reasonable rates. If the wedding is a fair distance away I ask for some traveling money also.

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