I teach intuitively, treating each student as an individual. Each person has their own wants or needs. Music is meant to be for enjoyment. Even exams can be more fun when using the Piano and Saxophone for Leisure syllabuses. I charge $35 per half hour lesson, in accordance with the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland. Each lesson is invoiced per term. I teach from home in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lessons can be booked from 7am through until 8.30pm weekdays. Saturdays are 8.00am until 11.30am.


I accompany all of my students for their exams and charge a $40 fee. I accompany other students from different teachers for their exams also and charge $35 per half hour practice and $50 for the exam itself.

Accompaniment sessions are by appointment.


Please bring your instrument, any music you might have been using and a blank exercise book for taking notes. The first lesson is gauging where the student is at and what musical knowledge is already there. Also, mistakes that need fixing, such as wrong embrouchure, wrong tongueing etc. I think it's a good idea to incorporate theory into the lessons.


There are various instruments designed for the smaller person, such as a kinder clarinet, in the key of Eb major, like a soprano. It is lightweight and has less keys than the bigger clarinet. There is the fife if your child wants to eventually reach the length of a normal flute, it looks like a mini flute. Also, you can purchase a turn around head for a normal flute, which brings the head piece around in front of the body of the flute, hence making the flute shorter. A piccolo, although nice and small, isn't exactly a beginner's instrument. Saxophones come in lots of different size from the baritone up to the soprano. The soprano saxophone comes in two shapes, a straight one like a clarinet and a bent one which is much smaller.For those wishing to learn the trumpet you can get a "pocket" trumpet which is ever so cute. Violins, violas and cellos come in all sizes from a 20th right up to full size. Second hand instruments work just fine. If purchasing a stringed instrument without any knowledge, please contact a teacher or a music shop for their advice on brands.
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